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Dissertations Dissertations, the key research study for each and every PhD student, and theses compiled by Professionals learners, might be a precious source. Morgan Library has copies of Colorado State Schoolis (CSU) theses and dissertations; research SAGE to locate copies both from the author’s title or the concept of the source. Do a Keyword search in SAGE if you prefer to locate dissertations on a topic and include the phrase “dissertation” to it. As an example, Keyword: small-business dissertation To discover theses, do the research with “thesis” added: Keyword: business dissertation Do both searches, if often works or combine the two: Keyword: business and (dissertation or dissertation) In case you are enthusiastic about dissertations and theses that have been authored by a students who graduated from a certain department at CSU, do an author research by the label of the department, using this setup (abbreviation of "department" is essential): Author: Colorado State University Department of Colorado State University Department of British Colorado State University Department of Civil Engineering Colorado State University Department of Electrical Engineering Coloraod State University Department of Biology To pull recent students up simply, after performing the writer search, go through the "restriction/ sort search type and key in a current year in the YEAR: after box (e.g. Click " quot Distribute&; nearby the root of the page, and merely these you’ve advised will be. If you wish to identify dissertations from other schools from around the world (or uncover new CSU dissertations online), search Electronic Dissertations and Theses. a list available to Colorado State University affiliates (students, faculty, team) via the “Articles & Listings” site. Thorough full-text starts with 1997 earlier dissertations are not unavailable. Request dissertations from universities aside from Colorado State School at Interlibrary Loan.

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However, remember that some colleges do not provide their dissertations, so that you might need to get the one(s) you’ll need. Most of the time, it’s only in an exceedingly rare occasions that undergraduates may wish to utilize dissertations from different universities. URL: • Modified: 2015-08-20

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